New research collaboration – ICNAP

At WDDCP we are delighted to be part of creating ICNAP, the UK’s first Intensive Care National Audit Project.

An initial pilot study in 6 hospitals in England and Wales will take place over 2 weeks in May 2016, looking at complications from central line insertions. The data collection form is supplied by WDDCP, data is collected by the ICNAP-1 steering committee and medical students in Wales through Cardiff University Research Society (CUReS).

The pilot will be followed up by a national audit in Autumn 2016. Head over to our dedicated ICNAP-1 page for more information!

WDDCP heading to Tokyo

We are very excited to be bringing WDDCP to the Research Data Alliance’s 7th Plenary meeting in Tokyo in March 2016. Make sure you come and check out our poster on developing a digital data collection platform for Wales if you are attending.