The Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform is an open and free collaboration aimed to make it easy for researchers and students to collect data without the need for traditional paper-based forms. The service was created from an acute need to be scale up smaller research projects to an all-Wales level. We strongly believe that this opportunity should be available to all students, academics and clinicians in Wales without the need being limited by great costs. A digital data collection platform therefore allows research to be conducted at a larger scale with increased data security and improved accuracy. Read on to find out more about how we can help you and about our platform.

Platform Development Team

Dr Ben Sharif
Doctor at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Dr Sharif has throughout his medical career been interested in how technology can improve clinical practice. Having been involved in NHS HackDays, Innovation groups and developing apps, Dr Sharif saw the enormous potential for a digital data collection platform.

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Dr Robert Michael Lundin
Doctor at Prince Charles Hospital

Following a degree in biochemistry from the University of Essex, Robert came to Cardiff University to study medicine. He has spent the last few years running the student research society while working as a researcher in medical education.

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